Take Out

I haven’t gone grocery shopping in over a week. We are totally out of all food that one could deem “healthy”. We’ve eaten take-out for three meals in a row. I understand for some people that might be a regular occurrence. Not in my house. We don’t “do” takeout. We eat dinner out once a week, if we are lucky. Why? I like to cook. I REALLY like to cook. I like to cook healthy (read: KALE). And I also like to save money. I’m only a year out of grad school and not exactly rollin’. So, I’ve been having a hard time with the whole take out thing. Like, having anxiety attacks when I open my fridge to a growler (of excellent beer mind you), a jar of pickles and what looks like some wilted lettuce. No, I’m not showing you a photo. That’s embarrassing.

I’ve been SO BUSY lately, and I’ve yet to find a few hours to hit to grocery store for some much needed green food. But, a girl has to eat, ya know? For lunch yesterday I picked up some miso soup, and for dinner last night (AFTER A 3 MILE RUN) we opted for a 5 dollar cheese pizza, which we proceeded to eat the entire thing (WHO AM I?!). Today for lunch I was ACHING for something healthy, and remembered a new “fast casual” (I know, I’m so hip) joint opened close by. It’s called LeanWorks and I’m not sure if it’s a chain or not. If you’re local to Boston the store is located in West Roxbury. LeanWorks is committed to providing delicious food that wont break your calorie allotment bank. All of their entrees are fewer than 490 calories. And they’ve got a ton of options.

I ordered a Black Bean Burger Wrap with Avocado and a side of sweet potato fries. I’m TOTALLY full and the food was pretty good. I might not order the fries again because it’s not worth the added calories. They were pretty mushy. I don’t love mushy fries.But I did love the wrap. If you live close by you’ve got to check em out.

French Fries = Ketchup Vehicle. Duh


Now I’m finishing up work then studying for my AFAA Personal Trainer Certification this weekend!

I’m really looking forward to the certification and being able to share my knowledge!

Then tonight I’m going to hit the gym for 6X400 on the dreadmill (aka treadmill….) and some lifting. I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, but as we know, I wont leave home without a plan, so I’ll tell you more about that soon!

Then I guess I should go grocery shopping, huh? Oye.


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